Valle d'Aosta | Italia
Vendredi 20 Septembre 2019

The Gran Paradiso Film Festival and “#Whateverittakes Nature, Culture, Europe” sustain Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot.

Tom Mustill, English producer and director, winner of the 19° Gran Paradiso Film Festival with “The Bat Man of Mexico” has just made the video #naturenow and he has sent it to us for sharing.  A warning and awareness message against the use fossil fuels and its related devasting impacts on climate and ecosystems.

Protagonists of this video are Greta Thunberg, famous and young Swedish environmental activist, and George Monbiot, English journalist and activist.  They underlined how natural climate solutions have been ignored up to now, despite they could remove huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, contributing to recover the climate crisis.

Invest in sustainable energy solutions should become a priority, allowing to the extraordinary resilience of nature to restore ecosystems and our broken climate.

Tom Mustill said: “We tried to make the film have the tiniest environmental impact possible. We took trains to Sweden to interview Greta, charged our hybrid car at George’s house”.

Greta e George message is simple: “Protect” (tropical forests), “Restore” (the large areas of the planet that have been damaged), “Fund” (stop the funding of things that destroy nature).  Everybody can and should do something, with the only tool we can use: choosing Nature … “Whatever It Takes !”.