Valle d'Aosta | Italia


The Rhêmes Valley winds at the foot of the impressive Granta Parey massif (3,387 m), which dominates the surrounding landscape with its unmistakable profile.
At the centre of the valley, in a sunny basin surrounded by pastures and forests, lies Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (1,723 m a.s.l.), a small and enchanting alpine tourist resort with a rustic and cosy atmosphere, equipped with hotels and restaurants offering a warm welcome and modern and efficient sports facilities that allow a wide range of activities to be practised. Spending a holiday in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame and its valley therefore means experiencing a period of total relaxation, with a healthy and natural rhythm of life, and above all always being in contact with the evocative and still pure world of the high mountains.
The Gran Paradiso National Park Visitor Centre in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame tells its guests a fascinating story: that of the bearded vulture, Europe's largest vulture, which has returned to fly in the skies of the Gran Paradiso National Park. The visit retraces in chronological order all the stages of this story: the dramatic extinction, the small steps towards the exciting return and the hoped-for happy ending, with the now stable presence, in the skies of the protected area, of this particular bird of prey. The Centre of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame also offers the possibility of examining an ‘ossuary’, a detailed gliding model, and other useful elements to get to know all the avifauna present in the Park territories.
The Pellaud lake, surrounded by larch and fir trees, is one of the most striking areas in the Rhêmes valley.
With its unspoilt environment and splendid natural scenery, Val di Rhêmes is a true paradise for all hiking enthusiasts, who can choose from a vast selection of itineraries suitable for all needs, from a relaxing walk in the valley bottom to a more demanding route at high altitude. The area also offers the possibility of excursions suitable for children, who can, for example, reach the Benevolo Refuge while admiring the landscape and Alpine flora. A holiday in Rhêmes allows children to rest and enjoy themselves while breathing healthy mountain air, observing the animals (chamois, ibexes, marmots, bearded vultures...) of the Gran Paradiso National Park and tasting the typical Aosta Valley cuisine.
During the winter season, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame offers skiers a quiet and never crowded environment, with the intimate and relaxing atmosphere of a small Alpine ski resort. 
The municipality has a playground for the little ones, a snow park for ski beginners and for playing with sledges and rafts, and a picnic area for dining in the sun. A climbing crag, a football pitch, tennis court and volleyball court are available for sports activities.