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Institute of Advanced Training of the Villaggio Minatori

The Institute of Advanced Training of the Villaggio Minatori hosts the courses of the postgraduate offer in advanced fields of science such as the research of innovative materials, the analysis and control of complex systems, biotechnologies, astrophysical and space sciences, nuclear physics, meteorology, hydrology, energy and environment.

The teachings and the advanced lessons, integrated with scientific and academic activities, broaden the cultural offer of the Gran Paradiso area with high-level contributions aiming at enrichen the specificities of the territory.

With the start of the Institute, the Villaggio Minatori is growingly becoming a cultural pole, a place of encounter and discussion with the scientific and technologic intelligence, coherently with the genius loci of the Village, keeper of the tradition of the mine and of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

The launch of the Institute is the result of an agreement between Aosta Valley Autonomous Region, CINFAI – National Interuniversity Consortium for Physics of the Atmospheres and Hydrospheres and Fondation Grand Paradis for the management of the buildings in Villaggio Minatori, and follows a Memorandum of Understanding, signed on 24 March 2015, aiming at define the tasks for the preparation of scientific, didactic and academic activities of the Institute of Advanced Training of the Villaggio Minatori in Cogne.

Fondation Grand Paradis acted as a link between the Regional authorities and CINFAI, thus facilitating a process aiming at creating cultural and economic opportunities on the territory, taking advantage of the excellent landscape and nature and on the high level of accommodation capacity of the Cogne Valley.