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Gran Paradiso National Park Visitor Centre - Cogne

The Gran Paradiso National Park Visitor Centre in Cogne - TutelAttiva Laboratorio Parco - is a research laboratory where visitors can study and understand what happens in the park, deepen their knowledge on the environment and analyse the choices taken regarding  the use and administration of  the territory. The complicated and dynamic development of the Park is set up in a laboratory style, with explanatory models, multimedia systems and interactive games, various role games, and an original “sensorial space”, which allows visitors to appreciate the perfumes of nature and listen to the sounds of the woods. 

The themes of the Visitors’ Centre of Cogne are: the Water, using models which show the effects of water on the territory, depicting floods and explaining the relationship between human settlements and hydrological factors; the Forest and Grazing Land, including a multimedia “full immersion” into a forester's life and realistic decision-making to protect the forest; Wildlife and Man, where interaction between humans and animals is discussed.  

The centre also houses a space dedicated to the wolf, where it is possible to admire taxidermied specimens.

The Visitor Centres of the Park in Cogne, Valsavarenche and Rhêmes are also designed as "Alpine Convention Information Point", where visitors can find information and documentation about the Alpine Convention. Read the Agreement memorandum between the Secretariat and Fondation Grand Paradis.