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Maison Bruil Introd

Maison Bruil is one of the best examples of rural architecture in the Gran Paradiso area. It is a rural house where all functions were concentrated in the same space. In fact, all the areas used for the survival of animals and people were gathered under the same roof. The tour of Maison Bruil takes place throughout its three levels containing the various traditional areas, which have been restored reproducing their original functions

The aim of the exhibition Conserver le souvenir… se souvenir pour conserver is to show traditional produce and the evolution throughout the centuries of food-preservation techniques and, at the same time, to "preserve" an intangible and inestimable value: memory.

The Atelier du Goût is a network of producers of wine and food produce of the Gran Paradiso territory and is a showcase to discover the region and its produce through awareness and practical methods. By means of produce presentation and tastings, we highlight the techniques and cultural context in which wines and food produce have been created.

In Maison Bruil there is also a Park Point - Gran Paradiso Quality Trademark: an exhibition and promotional area dedicated to agricultural products of Piedmont and Aosta Valley producers who joined the project Gran Paradiso Quality Trademark.


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