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Documentation centre “Emile Chanoux”

The heart of the Aosta Valley cultural identity beats strongly in Rovenaud. It is in this village that Emile Chanoux and Federico Chabod, considered the ‘fathers’ of the Region, were born: the former was a leader in the liberation struggle and is the symbol of the autonomy of the Aosta Valley in the heart of a federal Europe; he paid with his life for his resistance on 18 May 1944 after being tortured by the Nazi-fascists. Chabod, on the other hand, was the first President of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley and a distinguished historian. A true place of memory, the Documentation Centre is housed in the old village school, a symbol of the defence and protection of the French language and culture. Chanoux's writings tell the story of his opposition to fascism and the centralisation of state powers. In this small mountain village are the roots of the autonomist spirit of the Aosta Valley and the cultural heritage that contributed to the debate on European federalism. A place of memory, therefore, but also a bridge to the future.
The centre can be visited by appointment, for more information contact the Valsavaranche municipality.