Valle d'Aosta | Italia

Where the rye grows

This valley is inspired by an ancient tradition such as the cultivation of rye, the basis of a subsistence rural economy. The work and lives of the people here are still marked by the seasons that have always set the rhythm of agricultural and pastoral work. Four mills and six ovens bear witness to a community dedicated to cereal growing and bread production. Rye flour mixed with wheat flour was the basis for preparing the dough for Pan Ner, the true wealth and symbol of this valley.
With the project La Vallée du Seigle - entre fours et moulins, the municipality of Rhêmes Saint Georges enhances the local rye eco-type industry and recovers the architectural and historical cultural heritage of the six ovens of Le Coveyrand, Voix, Frassiney, Proussaz, Le Créton and Melignon, including the Vieux oven built in the 1970s; and the four mills of La Fabrique, Voix, Frassiney and Proussaz. An important part of the project is the recovery of local cereal ecotypes by the Regional Agriculture Department, the Association of Valdostan Bakers, the Istitut Agricole Régional together with local farmers. Today, no less than 12 Valdostan rye biotypes have been recovered in the name of an important biodiversity.