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The Cogne Mines

Fondation Gran Paradis has its headquarters in the Miners’ Village of Cogne. This used to be the area’s reference-point to Cogne’s whole mining complex, where the miners’ dormitories, some of the offices and the canteen were located. Nowadays, as well as Fondation Gran Paradis headquarters, the Miners’ Village houses Gran Paradiso National Park Visitor Centre and Alpinart Exhibition Centre, dedicated to alpine culture. 

The mine has marked the history of Cogne and its inhabitants for many centuries. The exhibition Cogne Mines – temporary exhibition to keep memory alive, set in Alpinart Exhibition Centre, is a first step to keep the mine’s history, and Cogne’s history, alive.

History and curiosity about the Cogne mines

Notizie storiche

Antichità e medioevo

Il Settecento e l'Ottocento

L'esperimento del Dottor Grappein

Il Novecento

Franz Elter

Il secondo dopoguerra e la chiusura delle miniere (1979)